Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation

I am honestly the worst when it comes to matching myself with a liquid foundation. Before I commit to buying a foundation, I usually go 'round the internet to read reviews in hopes to find someone with the same shade as I am. But when I saw the Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation at Walmart with the price of just $5.99, I didn't hesitate to ~*match myself. I bought the 225 Medium Buff. Big mistake. It was too light & too pink! I forgot all about this foundation since I've gotten a lot more excited for the other foundation that I bought (more on this some other time!).

The next time I dropped by Walmart, my Mom wanted me to buy my sister a foundation to use for her birthday. My sister is about 2-3 shades darker than me so, I got her the first shade from the "deep" line - 310 Sun Beige. Long story short, she researched, and found she didn't like the foundation. I was too lazy to return it, so I kept it. (Do note: Numbers ending in 5 tends to be more pink; those ending in 0 are yellow-based!)

Spending 5 weeks in California has gotten me considerably darker. From NC30-35, I'm now an NC42. Yepyepyepyepyep. I tried the Fit Me Foundation in 310, and what do you know, it's a perfect match! I know this foundation has mixed reviews, but I'm with the "love it!" team. I have an oily skin, so I was a bit hesitant to give this foundation a go because it has an extremely dewy finish. It also transfer a heck lot! To counteract the dewiness & to set the foundation, I use a powder over it. It's very liquid-y so it glides on like a dream, a big thumbs up also for not settling on my dry zits. It's not the most long-lasting foundation I've tried, give it a good 3 hours and you will oil up. Not a problem for me as I usually blot in the middle of the day.

I'm not really sure why people say this doesn't cover anything, because (please see above photos) as you can see, it covered most of my blemishes! I promise I didn't put on any concealer... because I don't actually own one! :p I applied this using my Real Techniques Buffing brush which I think helped with the concealing. It also has SPF 18, so I did noticed a teeny bit of white cast when I took the photo above. This foundation is definitely not for everyone, so I won't actually recommend it. It's great for me, but may not be good enough for you. It's not the most perfect foundation but it's my go-to foundation now, I just have to make sure I have some blotting sheets on hand!



  1. This is really full coverage! It looks really good on you - shame it doesn't last all day but you can't have everything!
    S xx

  2. I haven't read too many reviews of this foundation but it looks like it works wonderfully for you :) I like how dewy and perfected it leaves your skin!

  3. your skin looks amazing! great review

    you have such a lovely blog too!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  4. The coverage is amazing and the bottle just so chic :D I'd love to try it, especially for that price! Just keeping my fingers crossed it wont cost so much when available in my country (we have exorbitant makeup prices)


  5. @ Helen: Thank you! <3
    @ Maria Veronica: I'm giving props to the Real Techniques brush I used! I hope you liked it, too! xx

  6. Wow that looks like the coverage you would expect from like a Estee Lauder double wear foundation, not from a drugstore one. Might pick this up!

  7. Thanks for the review! :) i've been thinking about purchasing this foundation too. Love your reviews!