Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks

Hello! I'm back! Sort of.. Just using the Blogger app for now since I've been too lazy to use my laptop. Anyway, I'm in LA! :) The last time I was here was 11 years ago! It was literally an impulse decision to go here, so I haven't really made a list of makeup items that I want to purchase. In fact, I haven't really bought any makeup aside from these since I'm saving all my "high end" makeup purchases on the 20th when Nordstrom releases the Nars Joie de Vivre palette :3 *cross fingers that I'll be able to get one!*

Anyway, on to the review.. I love Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks! It's the best matte lipstick formula I've ever used from a drugstore brand. They're extremely creamy, last really well and it's amazingly pigmented. Also: super cheap! At $1.99 a tube, how can you go wrong with it? I bought "Bare It All" and "Just Peachy" the two most neutral shade I've found. Bare it All is on the brown side with the slightest hint of pink. While Just Peachy looks well, peachy pink. Both are gorgeous, but Bare It All may just my new favorite nude lipstick! It's such a no nonsense color - something I can just put on ad pair with just about anything! It also does not wash me out, so that's another good thing about it! :)

What's your favorite cheap lipsticks? :)



  1. These look amazing! Can't wait to see what else you get from the USA!
    S xx

  2. @Seonaid: Ahh it's so overwhelming to be surrounded by cheap drugstore products! Haha, how are you? xx

  3. I wouldn't say cheap (hate that word lol), but my favorite inexpensive lipstick is definitely those from the MUA range! They're so moisturizing and pretty :)


  4. @Maria Veronica: I loooove to try the MUA lipsticks! Are they available in SG?! xx