A little hiatus

I know I haven't blogged properly about anything related to beauty products in AGES, but hopefully when I get back, I'd have LOADS of posts to write ;) I'll be going in a place where it's summer... yet again. Ugh. One of the few things I know I would dislike during this trip. I AM SO OVER SUMMER! I cannot handle 30C+ weather again. :( Anyway, hopefully I'll manage to mooch from my cousin's internet once I get there so I can update! Bye for now! :)


Have you seen the Nars Joie de Vivre cheek palette for Nordstrom?! HELLO, PERFECTION! I love the blushes included in that palette more than what was included in Sephora's Danmari palette! I cannot wait for the 20th, totally splurging on that one, for sure. :)


ALSO: SPAIN WON THE EURO '12! YET AGAIN Back to back to back win for my babies, I'm ever so proud :>



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