What to do with a bucketful of Avocados?

....Mix it up with some condensed milk! I know most people eat avocados with their salad/sandwich/etc, but I can never see myself eat one that way! This is how I've been eating my avocados ever since I was a little kid! Go try 'em for yourself :)

1. Get some lovely avocados
2. Mashed them up. I like them chunky though, but that's just a personal preference.
3. Add some a lot of condensed milk.
4. Freeze it!
5. NOM your way to happiness! ;)

How do you eat your avocado?


Euro 2012 thoughts? Germany vs Italy (HOW GREAT WAS PIRLO!?) & Portugal vs Spain! There's a big part of me that hopes it ends with Spain vs Germany, but I really don't want to underestimate Portugal. Germany has also never beaten Italy in any major football tournament! Semifinals will be fun to watch, for sure!



  1. I used to do this when I was in college. Sobrang sarap kapag ice cold.

  2. I love avocados and I have never tried it like this before. This looks so yummy!! I usually chop it up and mix it with chopped tomatoes, red onion and lemon juice if I want something savoury or I mash it up with a bit of honey and eat it with cereal if I want it sweet.


  3. That sounds really yummy! I have heard of eating avocado this way but I haven't tried it myself, though I have tried an avocado milkshake which was really sweet and milky and rich :) I haven't been following Euro 2012 that much, though I have watched a few highlight reels. Spain v Portugal should be an interesting one :)

  4. @Rae: True! Refreshing lalo na nung summer! :)

  5. @Liz: Never tried it that way! The one mixed with tomatoes & onions sounds yummy! xx

  6. @sleepandwater: I LOVE avocado milkshakes! I need to make myself that one of these days.. Mm. <3