Topshop Lips in Nevada

Last Topshop makeup review for a long, long time! It's not secret that I love Topshop cosmetics, but till I find myself in the ~lion city~, I doubt if I can get my hands on another one! Ahh no mater.. I'm sure I can find other cosmetic brand to love for the mean time ;)

Out of all the Topshop lipstick that I bought, Nevada was the one that I was super looking forward to getting. Nevada is a light pink nude. The paleness of this lipstick reminds me of MAC Creme d' Nude except Creme d' Nude leans more on peach than pink. Nevada's formula is, again, quite similar to a MAC Cremesheen. It's very creamy, it glides on my lips perfectly, and it stays rather well (without eating/drinking). Sounds promising, right? Nope. This lipstick has the tendency to show every crook & cranny of your lips! It's. So. Horrible. :( It's also waaay too light on my complexion. I'm sure this would look good on people whose shade is around NC20 or below. The only way this would work on me is to layer it on top of another lipstick. I use Nevada above MAC Cherish to make Cherish a little lighter. Such a shame this didn't work for me, how disappointing.

What's your favorite Topshop lipstick shade? :)



  1. ah its so disapointing that you didnt like it! i find that i have the same problems with alot of lighter lipsticks. x

  2. It really looks beautiful swatched but that's a shame that it didn't work for you :( That happens to me quite a lot with pink lipsticks - I guess I'm not alone!