New in: Zara platform shoes

When I heard that the Zara end of the season sale was starting today, I was beyond ecstatic! I legit haven't shopped at Zara for a whole month because I was waiting for this sale. Yes, I'm actually really not kidding! But disappointingly, I wasn't too impressed with the sale. The clothes weren't my style, the designs were just.. eh, and now that Uniqlo has recently opened, Zara jeans doesn't appeal to me either. The dresses on sale were amazing though! I might go back sometime later this week to try my luck again.

Anyway, after watching Spain win against Portugal last night, I thought, what better to do than spend money on some clothes from Spain's fashion giant? Ha ha major lame excuse to shop, but hey, look at these babies! When I saw it on display, I knew I just have to have it! I don't impulse buy heels because I never wear them enough, but these are just too beautiful to pass up on. The chunky heels + the platforms makes it the most comfortable heels I've ever own. EVER. Not really sure if it's real suede, but the fabric makes it looks sleek and classy. The nude color on the top part gives an illusion that I have amazingly long legs. And even better? I got it at 60% off!

What's your best find today? :)



  1. I LOVE THESE. I have a similar pair from Zara with a slim heel, and they are amazing.
    S xx

  2. These are so gorgeous! I never manage to find anything decent in my local Zara, otherwise it's always super overpriced as well. Bonus that you bought them on sale :) Enjoy wearing those beauties.

  3. Lovely shoes! Thanks for your comment a while ago on my blog btw.. xxx ;)