Oh what lovely things

Been wanting Benefit Flawless Foundation since it has been released here, but the price mark up has been putting me off. I'm helpless when it comes to foundation matching, so I dare not buy one online. I might drop by Shangri-la to see if they can help me find my shade. What are your thoughts about this foundation? :) Topshop Head Over Heels & YSL Blong Ingenu are both on my wish list for the loooongest time. One is just too hard to get hold off, the other one is just too out of budget. Maybe next time!

I don't light candles that much, but after seeing Slatkin & Co's new collection American Boardwalk, I have been wanting to buy one.. or two.. well, all of them! Summer Boardwalk (caramel-glazed popcorn warm taffy apples and salted, sweet cream) and Ice Cream Shop (creamy vanilla, rich toffee and sweet almond blossom with a cherry on top) are both on top of my list. How mouth watering are those descriptions!?

OPI NYC Ballet Collection is the most perfect nail polish collection ever released. All shades are such gorgeous sheer, neutrals. I'm really loving Barre My Soul (sheer beige), Don't Touch my Tutu (sheer white) and My Pointe Exactly (sheer gray)!

I've been eyeing this Zara Denim shirt with Printed Sleeves since I saw it on Zara's lookbook a few months ago. So when the Zara Ph site posted this with the price, I thought it's already available at the stores. Sadly, I've still haven't seen this shirt anywhere!! What a HUGE letdown. :(

 The bloggers "it bag" for a while now, the Zara Plaited Leather Shopper Bag is just too irresistible. Not too keen on the price, but justifiable since it's real leather (at least I think so?) I've seen some generic ones on Ebay, and I may just naughtily buy it one of these days... Mmm. <3

Toms isn't my footwear of choice, but when I saw this Crochet slip-ons, I just fell in love. Forever 21 has ballet flats similar to this, and I'm still hitting myself on the head for not buying one.

Okay, I'm too old to be wanting a Sequin Prom Dress but how can I resist this!? It's also white (cream?) so it'll be perfect to wear for my sister's 18th birthday!

What have you been wanting lately?



  1. Definitely coveting Topshop cream blushes, I've been seeing them everywhere on blogs :) The silver glitter from the OPI ballet collection needs to be mine as well.

  2. Not a big fan of glitters, but I do agree! It looks really nice! It has a lot of raves, too!

  3. Hay, wala pa ba talagang distributor dito ng slatkin candles? :(

  4. Rae, kaya nga eh :( though Im sure malaki mark up if ever magkaroon ng slatkin dito.

  5. Hey Hun, I sent you an email. Just checking that you received it? :) Kate xoxo

  6. @Kate: Hello! No, I don't think I received any email from you? romilamarie@yahoo.com? Would you mind sending it again? :) xx

  7. i like the number eight! The shoes!!! I need to check this out in TOMS!