NOTD - White nail polish: Yay or Nay?

Christina Fitzgerald's Space

I think I've had this nail polish for 3 years already? I'm quite surprised it hasn't thicken up. Christina Fitzgerald is a "top manicurist" in Australia. Never heard of her, to be honest. But I'm in love with the formulation of her nail polish(es)! It's quite thin and sheer - which I prefer since applying thick nail polishes can be quite hard and messy. I'm not really sure if you can still get this particular shade, but I'm positive you can still buy nail polish from this brand here.

I love how Space is not a straight up opaque White. Weirdly enough, the first time I've painted my nails with this, all I could think of was French Vanilla. I also really like how natural the color seems, & how it doesn't look like you painted your nails with a white out (which I actually did in high school..... uhm). I really like how white nail polish makes my hands look clean! Plus if you have a tan (which I still do!), it enhances it even further making you look even more tanner! Perfect! :)

What do you think of white nail polishes? :)



  1. I live in Australia and have never heard of Christina Fitzgerald lol :p But glad to hear the formulation is good! I don't wear white polishes as I find they can sometimes look a bit stark on their own (exactly as you say, like you've put white out on your nails hehe). I've also yet to find a white polish with a good formula, they can be quite streaky and hard to handle. I think the colour is really nice on you though, it's not completely white so there's still a softness and femininity to it, very classic looking :)

  2. My mom looks good with white nail polish. But hers isn't exactly white. Medyo parang metallic white, na frosty. It suits her.

    Sakin di talaga bagay, any formula.

  3. I love white nail polish, especially if you do a black design on top :)


  4. @Rae: My Tita looks good din with that shade! Frosty silvery white! Pretty! :)

  5. @ Ally: Oh, I've never tried using a black polish for the tips! I'll try it next time, thank you! x