ELF blush in Peachykeen

Whilst ELF isn't a brand I turn to for blushes, I decided to snagged their Peachykeen blush out of curiosity. I've been wanting MAC Peachykeen for ages, but I've been restraining myself from buying any MAC face products. Anyway, thank goodness I bought this blush, because it's so pretty! It's a nice light peachy pink shade that is absolutely perfect for the summer. Oh, you're probably sick of me talking about summer this, summer that, but hey.. It's not super shimmery, but when applied on your cheeks, it gives you a really gorgeous glow. The only fault that I can see with it is it's too chalky & powdery as you can see on the swatch above. Pigmentation wise, it's okay. A good 4 hours before any fading. What can you expect for a P249 blush, right? I'm looking forward to buying Gotta Glow (a dupe for NARS Albatross, apparently) & Candid Coral!

Have you tried any ELF products? :)