My ZALORA Wishlist

A couple of weeks ago, on my Instagram, I posted a photo of a clutch that I got for free from Zalora. They gave away P500 voucher (via a coupon code) so I went over to the site and browsed through the entire website browsing for something to buy. I saw the clutch from Fab Manila (P495), placed my order, and ta-da! I got it 3 pm very next day. It was free shipping, too! Oh, do take note that I bought the clutch at past 12 midnight. Super fast delivery or what?! From the on, I find myself visiting the site from time to time looking for clothes that I would buy the next time I order from the site.

Lord knows how much of a fiend I am when it comes to winter wear. Coats, leather jacket, jumpers, cardigans, sweatshirts, you name it, I have it. Problem #1: I live in a tropical country; which brings us to problem #2: I can't/don't wear it often enough. (Sometimes, I suck it up, and wear my sweaters anyway! 36C weather? No big deal!) This Ladakh cardigan is short sleeve though, so it's perfect for the manila weather. Plus the detailing on the back? Oooh. This is really not something that I can pass up on.

Only two words for this: Mint Green. Mmm <3 But since I can't seem to stop myself from typing beyond those 2 words, see, my sister's debut is coming up. What better way to attend it than attending it while wearing an incredibly stunning dress such as this Pauline.Ning Organza Dress? Mmm, yes.

The watch that I have now is long overdue to be replaced. I've had it ever since I was in 2nd year high school - that's 7 years! Though it has never let me down, I think it's time for me to buy something new. Please note that I never, ever take my watch off, so you could just imagine how much scratches it has accumulated over the years. I really love how simplistic the design of this Timex Easy Reader watch!

A grown up bag! Something that I don't have :p I do think the color black + an exposed zipper is the best combination ever so I feel like this thirtyfour bag is calling out my name. It also kind of reminds me of Alexander Wang - which to be fair, everything Black, with zippers, and/or Grey jersey reminds me of his designs :p

I can't get over how beautiful this Tortoise design Prada sunglasses are! When buying sunglasses, I usually opt to stay safe and buy it black. It's just a lot easier to wear & pair off, when I saw this Prada sunglasses though, all my inhibitions flew out of the window! It's so gorgeous, and so perfect for this heatstroke inducing summer we're having!

I could probably go on and on with this month's wishlist, but seriously, I need to stop before I drown myself in debts (which has never ever happened, so..)



  1. Beautiful picks! You have fantastic taste :) Love the cardigan and dress especially.

  2. @ sleepandwater: The organza dress is so gorgeous, but it's way above my budget! Such a shame!