Lipstick Collection: MAC Part 2


Captive (Satin), Rebel (Satin)Natural LightingIndoor Lighting

Captive - Captive is a muted mauve shade. I first heard of it from Regina (it looked absolutely beautiful on her!) so I bought it without swatching it. Yikes, I know. Thank goodness, it look as good on my lips as it looked on the tube! I find myself reaching for this one during late dinner out (or something to that extent). It's just not something that I like wearing on a daily basis.

Rebel - Another lipstick that I heard from her, Rebel is a vivid violet-fuschia. It's bright. So bright that I find it hard to wear at times. It's one of those lipsticks that you just have to have the "right attitude" to pull (which God knows I don't ;p) because it's so in your face. It's a Satin which is my most favorite MAC finish, so it glides on well, gives great pigmentation, and stays on pretty much for a long time. Warning: this stains so bad!

Brights with Coral undertone

Toxic Tale (Amplified), Force of Love (Matte)Natural LightingIndoor Lighting

Toxic Tale - Ooh, Toxic Tale <3 This came out late 2010 with the Venomous Villain collection. While the shiny, plastic casing isn't something that I like, it's what's inside that counts, yes? Toxic Tale is such a beautiful bright, bright red-coral lipstick. This color is so perfect for the summer! Toxic Tale has the tendency to slip off a bit on my lips, so a lip liner is advisable (though I just pat it on myself). Compared to Vegas Volt, this has a lot more pink/reds to it, but they have the same intensity.

Force of Love - Another lipstick that is perfect for the summer, Force of Love, is a pinky/coral shade. This is easier to wear compared to Toxic Tale, in my opinion, because though it's bright, it's not as neon as Toxic Tale. Sadly, this is an LE. More in depth review here.

* I forgot to photograph Faux! Will edit this soon x

I may not have the biggest MAC lipstick collection, but just the thought that I spent a lot of money for those is making me quite ill. Hm. I still have a couple of MAC lipsticks that I want to own (Snob, Diva, Hue, Honeylove, Myth), but after I buy those, I think my love affair with this brand will have to take the backseat for a long, looong time.

How do you like your MAC lipsticks? :)


On the other hand, Barca-Real Madrid in a few hours. Surprisingly, I'm not as "excited" as I was before when it comes to games between these two teams. I think I'm still on a Clasico burnout after the last season. What team are you on? ;)



  1. I love all of these! You are a bad influence! :P
    S xx

  2. Thank you! We totally are bad influences to each other! x

  3. Force of Love is gorgeous! I really, really want it now. I think I may keep that one in mind when I can Back to MAC all of my stuff.

  4. These are such pretty shades! I don't own any MAC lipsticks, they are so overpriced where I am. But your post gave me some ideas about which ones I'd like to try :)

  5. @ Amy: It really is super nice! I wasn't too sure about it at first! I hope you can still get one!

  6. @sleepandwater: I've noticed makeups are so expensive in Australia! Is there any reason(s) for the ridiculous price? D:

    I'm glad my post helped you in a way! :) x