Lipstick Collection: MAC Part 1

Hello, I'm back! I promised a drugstore lipstick collection, but decided to post my MAC ones first (as it's a lot easier to categorized). :) Warning: post split into two. I've already sold a bunch of my MAC lipsticks - Vegas Volt, Morange, Spitfire, to name a few - here are the ones that are still with me:


Hug Me (Lustre), Warm Me Up (Amplified), Creme d' Nude (Cremesheen), Brave (Satin)
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Hug Me - Was my first MAC lipstick ever, and it was kindly gifted to me by my Mother. It's a Lustre (meaning it leaves a shiny, glossy finish on your lips), so it doesn't last long. Despite being quite sticky, I surprisingly really like it. It's a nice light brown shade, a very non-offensive everyday color.

Warm Me Up - Was limited edition lipstick, and was a part of the Warm and Cozy collection released back in 2010. Amplified Finish gives the most color out of all other MAC finishes. Warm Me Up is a dark peachy pink color - it's a little too warm for my taste. I read some people had a hard time pulling this off as it tends to lean a bit Orange on them which is true. Not a very flattering shade, but the staying power makes up for it.

Creme d' Nude - One of MAC's popular nude lipstick, Creme d' Nude is a light peachy beige nude color. It washes me out when applied heavily, so I just dab this on my lips. It's a Cremesheen so obviously, it's creamy and it melts very, very easily. It also tends to accentuate the lines on my lips, so moisturizing is a must. As beautiful as this color is though, I don't think I'll ever repurchased this again.

Brave - I just reviewed this lipstick here. :)


Viva Glam III (Matte), Russian Red (Matte)Natural LightingIndoor Lighting

Viva Glam III - is a dark, dark brown-red color. A bit hard to pull off, but define your brows, forgo the blush, and this would look perfect!

Russian Red - is one of MAC's most favorite Red lipstick shade. When asked about MAC's "perfect red," it's always a tie up between this and Ruby Woo (they're both Matte but Ruby Woo's a lot drier, but also a lot brighter!) I didn't exactly chose Russian Red - I bought it mainly because I wanted another lipstick from the Wonder Woman collection! Nonetheless, I wasn't disappointed. It's a bright red lipstick with blue undertones (makes your teeth look whiter!) It stays so long on your lips, it's super pigmented, and it's matte but it's not that drying.

*Part 2 of this post will be up in 2 days!



  1. I really want Russian Red! Super excited to see part 2!
    S xx

  2. You should buy it! I think it would look good on you, you're one of the few people I know who pulls red lipsticks so effortlessly! x

  3. gorgeous nude shades! this makes me want to buy more mac lipsticks as i only have one :( x

  4. @ Lisa: MAC really has some of the loveliest nude shades ever, but I'm sure you can find some alternatives/dupes for these! I know there are better (& cheaper!) brands out there that surpasses the quality of MAC lipsticks!