Nars Luster

My first Nars blush!

I went back to Lane Crawford with my Mom to have the 100ml Jo Malone cologne she bought exchange for the 30ml one. Of course, I had some store credits left over with the exchange, so I went directly to the Nars counter, and bought Luster & a lipstick (which I'll show you in another post)! Out of all the Nars blushes, whatever made me buy this over say, Orgasm or Deep Throat, you may ask? Well, to tell you the truth, I bought Luster because............ Rachel McAdams wore it! Obsessed? Yes, pretty much, I'm sorry :p

Indoor lighting

Natural lighting

House in the ever so infamous rubbery casing, Nars Luster is a gorgeous golden apricot shade. It's quite similar to my favorite MAC Cheek & Cheerful though Luster is not as shimmery and is less pink. I use the latter almost every day, most especially if I know that there's going to be some picture taking involved. Not to sound narcissistic, but Cheek & Cheerful gives me the most perfect "glow" on camera (you should buy this if ever you see it around on Ebay!) But I'm taking a break from any MAC face products as I think it's one of the causes of my breakouts. I'm happy to say that Luster is the perfect alternative for it!

I know people have been raving about Nars blushes for the longest time, so it really shouldn't come to my surprise when I saw how pigmented this blush is! But I was still surprised! I barely tapped my blush brush on the pan, yet it already picked up quite a lot of product. I'm pretty sure this will last me a long, looong time. It's about 250-270HKD, if I'm not mistaken. It's pricey, but I think Nars blushes are definitely worth it!

I am lusting for more of these babies! Next on my list is Gina/Gilda, Zen & the Laguna bronzer!

What is your favorite Nars blush? :)



  1. So lovely! I want Gina as well! I want all the NARS blushes anyway, actually :P
    S xx

  2. Same, same! Never thought I'd stray away from MAC blushes, but Nars is just something else! x

  3. uhm.. i have 1 nars blush, in deep throat =) and yes, im in love with it as well as my nars joyous red