Maybelline Color Sensational in Rum Riche & Bit of Berry + new hair!

I've blogged about the Maybelline Color Sensational being sold here in Asia, and I've said that I didn't like it. This one (if I'm not mistaken, please correct me if I'm wrong) is the US version of the line. The lipsticks are a lot less waxy compared to the other version. The color range is also wider!

Rum Riche is Brown with a little mauve undertone, while Bit of Berry has a pinky plum color. These lipsticks are a little too glossy for my taste, but surprisingly, the colors are extremely pigmented. It wears well, around 3 hours before fading (eating and drinking, not included). While I like the colors, and the formulation is a big step up compared to my other Color Sensational, I'm still not sold to it. I know other drugstore lipsticks that are cheaper and feels considerably better on my lips compared to this. Revlon, for example. :)


Finally had my hair colored! :) Though now that it's darker, I'm considering darkening it even further! Maybe I'll dye it Black again? What do you think? Kind of scary though 'cause the last time I dyed my hair black for my graduation, I had it colored a few weeks after because it bored me. & Black hair dye is so hard to lighten!



  1. Love your new hair colour! Black hair is a nightmare to lighten though! I think it'll look lovely either way though.
    S xx

  2. Thank you! Though I heard Reds are the worst to get rid of! x

  3. Your hair looks really healthy! I'm liking the Rum Riche one. Aaaaand. I love your blog header! It's so pretty :D

  4. "looks" healthy! I swear the ends are dry & brittle! :(

    Thanks for visiting! x

  5. I say don't darken it further. Black sometimes turn plum-ish, greenish, or bluish over time. Trust me, I've been there.

  6. Anyway, we seem to have the same taste in lipstick color. I love berry shades too. I'm guessing we have the same skin tone or under tone.