MAC Brave lipstick

I first heard of "Brave" from Sam of Beautycrush - I've heard her rave about this lipstick so often, I just have to have one myself. It's a Satin, so it's not surprising that I love the formula. It glides on so well, stays well enough, and isn't drying whatsoever. From the MAC website, Brave is describes as Pink Beige with White Pearl. I don't actually see anything that remotely resembles "pearl" on it at all. It's pretty "flat" as most Satin lipsticks are.

From swatches online, I thought the color was going to be sort of Brown-nude, but I was quite disappointed to find that it's not. It's a warm dusty rose color, and weirdly enough, under Florescent lighting, it has a touch of Purple on it. I guess it would be one of MAC's perfect nude lipstick for people with darker skin tone. On me though, it's just a little too warm & a little too dark to be that perfect nude. I wouldn't dare pair this up with a super heavy eye makeup at all. I'm thinking Honeylove next, what do you think? What are your favorite nude lipsticks? :)

Anyway, I'll be gone for the rest of the week as I'm going on another short vacation! See you in a few days! x

P.S. The secret to my almost "flawless" skin in the photo above? Photoshop CS3, haha! :p



  1. I think this is lovely! And Honeylove looks great as well. I'm not sure how they would fare on me as I am so pale, but I love Hue and Blankety for MAC nudes. Another awesome nude I love is 17's Beehive. :)

  2. it's such a shame that i don't use lipsticks. i they they don't suit me at all. :D but this looks so good on you. love the colour. :)

  3. @ Seonaid: I want Hue for such a long time but I'm not sure if I'm going to like it because of it's finish! How opaque is it? :) Wish we have that brand here! Aside from Sleek preorders, I wouldn't know where to buy UK beauty products!

  4. @ Hanna: Aww, I used to feel the same way about lipsticks! Just look for shades that suit you :) & thank you so much! x

  5. I think this is a lovely colour, but I know what you mean about a lipstick not exactly matching your expectations in terms of colour. A little bit of a purple tone can look flattering on some, but not so much on others. I guess a lot does depend on the lighting. My fav nude lipstick is Revlon's Soft Nude :)

  6. Pretty much why one should never rely on swatches alone! I've been wanting Soft Nude, too, but heard it's prone to melting so I've never considered buying it!