Lipstick collection: Revlon

One of my most trusted drugstore lipstick brands is Revlon. It's not the cheapest in the market (if you're lucky and you live in the US, I heard they do amazing sales with it!), but pigmentation wise & the great staying power, I'd say it's pretty worth it. Also, did you know, that most of their lip colors, go waaaay back? Pretty amazing, huh?

Pink in the Afternoon, Certainly Red, Cherries in the Snow

Pink in the Afternoon reminds me of Holly Golightly's lip color in Breakfast at Tiffany's! It's a very flattering warm pink with the slightest hint of peach. This remains one of my favorite lipstick shade of all time.

Certainly Red was my first ever Red lipstick. I didn't really know any better during that time, never knowing that there's such a thing as "undertones", I just badly wanted a red lipstick then. The color is a bit too much on me - too bright, too blue. When applied directly from the tube, it can make you look like a clown. It isn't a very flattering shade, which is why I'm surprised that it has been around since 1951.

Cherries in the Snow debuted 1953, a classic shade indeed. On most, it looks like the perfect Raspberry Red shade. On me, sadly, it leans more on the red, though you could still see some of the berry undertone in it. Maybe I'll nude out my lipstick the next time I try this color, see how it goes, hmm..

Pink Pout, Mauve it Over, Fabulous Fig

Pink Pout was my first foray to the Revlon matte line. It's a gorgeous Barbie, bubblegum pink color. It reminds me of MAC Snob in a way that it pulls just a bit lilac when worn. As of most Revlon Matte lipsticks, this isn't drying at all.

Mauve it Over is a brown peachy color - a staple inside my makeup bag because it looks nice no matter what blush you have on. It's a very nice MLBB lipstick shade.

Fabulous Fig was the latest Revlon lipstick I bought. It's a nice brown/red/plum shade. You can a more in depth review of it here.

Do you like this type of post? :) I have a random drugstore lipstick collection coming up in a few!

Oh, tomorrow is the 22nd which means... Hunger Games! While I'm still not too keen on the actors/actresses that they picked out to play the characters (I very much doubt that this guy can say "sweetheart," and make it sound convincing!?), I'm still so, so excited for it! Game of Thrones Season 2 is also coming up in a couple of weeks which means I should read the 2nd book ASAP. What are you excited for this month? :)



  1. Snap with a lot of these, as usual! :P
    So excited for the Hunger Games as well although we're not seeing it till Friday - I'm sad cause I bet it's gonna be really toned down for the younger audience, but what can you do?
    S xx

  2. I know! I wouldn't mind quite a lot of violence for this movie :p

  3. Haha me too! Not in a creepy way - just cause if not, then they'll miss a lot out of the books :(

  4. Also - I was wondering if you have a smallish blog button I could put on my sidebar under the section 'friends'?
    S xx

  5. @ Seonaid: I'll make one! :) Shall I send it to you via email?

  6. Yeah! Good idea - email is, although you probably already know that! S xx

  7. Wow these lipsticks are total MAC dupes. I wish I could get my hands on them but Revlon isn't sold in Austria. Maybe I should try it online.

    Maybe you'd like to visit my blog sometime and subscribe if you like?

    xoxo Elisabeth

  8. Oh, that's too bad! Maybe check on Ebay? I'm sure you'll find cheap ones there! :) & I will definitely check your blog out! x

  9. Hey, I'm new to your blog. :)

    I have Mauve it Over too -- and I like it.

    I didn't like a lot of the Revlon reds either -- but try the matte Really Red. I highly recommend it!
    So cool!

    Another one I have and really like is Kiss Me Coral. If you're not interested in coral or bright colors, this will definitely make you :( . But it's a great bright color.

  10. I have my eye on Cherries in the Snow and Fabulous Fig. Revlon is definitely great for lipsticks. Being from the USA it is pretty cheap here! Great collection :)