Going Gaga over Mint Green & Tangerine

A.L.C Mint Green Blazer, Diane von Furstenburg A line Skirt, ASOS Mitchell Leather Flat Shoes with Spike Detail, Acne Mint Green Sweater, Topshop Pleat Midi Shirtdress

First saw the A.L.C. Mint Green Blazer worn by Kim Kardashian! Not a fan of her, but the blazer is super duper pretty! Though no doubt you can see cheaper versions of it elsewhere (*cough* Forever 21), The DvF I put there only because I couldn't find nicer tangerine clothes haha it's nice though, right?, The ASOS brogues... Mm, just look at those spikes! So hardcore, haha, I love it! The Acne sweater's is in the brightest mint green color I've ever seen! I saw a nicer one at Zara but it's "long back" or however they described it. Not a fan of those because they make my hips wider, ho-hum. The lovely Topshop dress has been on my shopping cart for ages. Topshop, y u not allow Int'l shipping :(

Zara Mint Green Bag, Rose Gold Neon Orange Knot Bracelet by Jada, Kate Spade Seersucker Lacey Patent Leather Wallet, Nixon Time Teller P in Orange, Mint Skull Bracelet by Elkin

MOST PERFECT MINT GREEN SHADE IN A BAG EVER, YES/YES? Just found Kabiri.co.uk, and they stock the most gorgeous jewelry ever! This Orange Knot bracelet is super expensive (at £240!!), so I'll probably scrounge around Etsy to find a cheaper version of it *cheapskate; nods* I've been waaaanting a patent wallet since forever - really cannot find the perfect one till Kate Spade! They had an online sale a week ago, $79 for the plain one!! I don't think they ship internationally though. BV. Haha Nixon Time Teller P story time, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes wore the green version of this for one photoshoot, and since then I've been lusting for one myself hahaha even oogling the Nixon counter at Trinoma. Don't really want to 'splurge' on watches though.. especially something simple like this. Hm. The Mint Green skull bracelet is from Kabiri, too!

Barry M Lip Color in Peach, Essie Haute as Hello, Essie Mint Candy Apple, NARS Rebecca Duo Eyeshadow, NARS Taj Mahal blush

Ahh, finally, something I can afford! Haha! MAC Morange or Vegas Volt would be perfect for this, but had both already, and it didn't suit my skin tone :( Maybe I'll have better luck with Barry M's Peach. Two pretty Essie polishes! Perfect Tangerine & Mint Green! Nars Rebecca (or Indian Summer which was also worn by Rachel McAdams hahahaha) & Taj Mahal.. Mmm gorg. Oh, and Gina, too!

Are you liking this trend? :)



  1. Love love love! Mint green & tangerine are two of my favourite colours all of a sudden! I got mint trousers from Zara and keep gravitating towards orange lipsticks lately. I want everything in this post!
    S xx

  2. Me too! And peach! Good for you that you can pull of wearing orange lips! I can't cause accdg to my cousin I look like I have "Cheetos lips" haha x

  3. I simply love that leather wallet! it's hopelessly cute <3

    btw, i've read your blog so long but i've never said hi, even i'm here very often. sorry about that. :/

  4. @Hanna: It is! I'm crossing my fingers for another Kate Spade sale to happen so I can splurge on one!

    Ooh, why thank you so much very much! x

  5. Im obsessed with mint! I want a pair of Zara mint jeggings (prob the same pair Seonaid bought) and a pair of Gap mint khaki shorts. Mint eyeshadow or liner is also on my lust list.

    Btw, I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you to do one of those get to know me tag games. :)

  6. @ Sarah: Ahh.. I went a little too crazy with the mint green last week at Zara, too! Forever 21 has some pretty good mint green tops, too!

    Thank you! I'll check it out! x