Finishing off some products

Please forgive me for not posting for the past few days.. Reasons why I haven't posted anything new? 1. No internet connection - I have been stealing Wifi from the school in front of our house but it cuts off every dismissal time at 5pm 2.) I'm on a new medicine for Acne - it hasn't been agreeing with my skin yet. It's awful. & 3.) The heat is becoming too unbearable (It was 32C a while ago! WHYYYY it's not even Summer yet!! Asdshjfskl :() Anyway, enough excuses! On to the post! I've finished off some products this month - though, most of it are hair care. I hope this post won't bore you!

ELF Eyebrow Kit in Light - The picture looks deceiving because there's hardly any wax left on this kit! I will definitely repurchase! I have written a much more extensive review on this product here.

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara - This is actually quite nice - it lengthens my lashes, but barely gave it volume. I will repurchase this again, but I definitely love my Magnum mascara more.

Milani Eyetech Liquid Eyeliner - Felt tip liquid liners are the easiest to use, in my opinion. Though, I have to say, I'm not too fond of liquid eyeliners because they look really shiny. I like this one, but I'm not hurrying to repurchase it anytime soon.

Pantene ProV Extra Damage Care Deep Repair Hair Mask - Do not mistake this for the local Pantene masks abundant in every grocery stores. This one is the limited edition from Japan (which sucks as I hardly see this in stores nowadays). This is my HG hair mask! I've repurchased this more than 5 times already, and has converted my Mom into using it, too! Using this will make your hair the softest it will ever be, believe me. I love how it smells, too!

Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Conditioner - If you love your hair, do it a favor, and NOT use this! It's such a terrible product. It dried my hair so much, made it look more damaged, and hardly gave it volume.

Dove Intense Repair Conditioner - The Dove hair care line just launched in the country last month, if I'm not mistaken, & quite a lot of people have already became smitten with it. I must say, I wasn't too impressed when I first used this. It weighed my hair down so much! I realized that it work so much better in conjunction with the shampoo from the same line! It made my hair so soft, so shiny and so much more manageable! I alternate this with my Muji Mild Shampoo and my Head & Shoulders Menthol Conditioner.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish & Blackhead Control - After buying this one, I went to Makeupalley to check on reviews. To my dismay, Acne prone people weren't too impressed with it. Some people were breaking out even more, and some people were saying it's too abrasive to use on the face - they were correct, of course. Then, I used it as a body scrub but it still wasn't working for me. I finally just shrugged, then chuck it in the bin.

And that's it! Have you finished off any products this month? :)

I have written a February Favorites & a What's in My Travel Bag posts already, expect the favorites tomorrow or on Sunday. But the latter will be up when I'm already in Hong Kong. Do watch out for those :)