From Top-Bottom: Coron Town Proper, Bulog Island, Malcapuya Island, Twin Peaks, a random beach, overlooking the ocean whilst on top of a mountain & Kayangan lake

Nature & I don't get along very well, I'm such a weakling! I'm the exact opposite of my Mom & my sister who both enjoys trips like this. I like cities, structures, histories & both old and modern architectures (..and shopping). You can definitely say that I'm not one for "roughing it", so I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed Coron.

The town itself was quaint, but brimming with locals who flew in from the big city (aka Manila!) & foreigners. It's a small place so there's not a lot places to go to when in Coron City: there's Mt. Tapyas (700+ steps to get to the giant cross on top), Maquinit Hot Spring (which I enjooooyed quite well), the famous Cashew place... that's basically it. The beauty of Coron lies in the places near the city which are only accessible by boats (see photos above!). There's Coron Island (may I suggest Twin Lagoon, Kayangan Lake & Siete Pecados?), Banana/Malcapuya Island, Calauit, El Nido, Taytay beach, etc.

I've gotten 3 shades darker, my curls got curlier & wilder no thanks to the sea water that I have been swimming in for 2 full days, I have unfortunate ill-placed tan lines, but hey, I wouldn't mind doing it again. I'm not going to be a hypocrite & say that I have always believe in this tag line because I really don't until now: #it'smorefuninthephilippines ;)



  1. Wow! Coron looks stunning! I wish I could go - seriously beautiful. Like you, I've always tended to prefer cities for travel, but I made a trip to Jamaica last year that showed me the awesome side of coastal trips too.
    Hope you had the best time!
    S xx

  2. The rock formation is beautiful. I was supposed to go here earlier this week but we had problems with the travel agency :(

  3. @Seonaid: I really did had so much fun! Hope you can go here, too! :)

  4. @ Rae: Aw :( We just DIY'd everything! Are you still going?

  5. omg, all the pictures are wonderful! I'd like to go there if i wasn't so afraid of water. :P

    I hope you've been enjoying your time in Coron. :)
    btw, I love the 2nd and 5th pics <3 but they're all stunning. <3

  6. @Hanna: Thank you so much! :) My Mom isn't too keen with water, either, but she enjoyed the trip a lot! You should definitely visit Coron :)

  7. OMG... I wish to come by to this place... SOON!!! ♥ This makes me miss my hometown (Batanes)

  8. @ Aileen: You're from Batanes!!!?? Ahh so lucky!! I want to go there but flights are super expensive! :(