February Wishlist

An hour into designing a birthday invitation, I was getting really frustrated because I couldn't find the perfect font for it. I decided to take a quick break, and found myself searching for things that I'm coveting this month.. & I actually ended up having quite a lot on my list, oops. See what daydreaming does to me?


ORLY Rage, Tom Ford Black Orchid, Nars Luster & MAC Viva Glam Nicki

Pretty rose gold color on my nails? Yes, please. Tom Ford's lovely lipstick in an even lovelier shade? Yes, please. I forgot the beauty guru I heard this from, but apparently Luster would give you that "J Lo glow"! All right, yes, yes, yes please! I'm not a fan of Nicki Minaj, but Viva Glam Nicki is too pretty to pass up on! PLUS it's for the MAC's AIDS fund, so..... *pats self on the back for my mighty fine reasoning*


Topshop: Vectra in Nude, Monsieur loafers, Ink Fit & Flare Vest Tunic, Knitted Speech Mark Jumper & Zara Bucket Bag with Zips

I already have the Vectra in black (yes, yes, I managed to get the LAST PAIR in the country whoopeedee calling all stores pays off sometimes!) The Monsieur loafers look badass. No more additional reasons needed! Look at that fancy gold trim! I've been eyeing this pretty dress since I saw it hanging at the Topshop store near me. IT'S SO PRETTY! (Warning: I may just overuse the word "pretty" just a tiny tiny bit in this post!) Quotation marks on a sweater? Why isn't that just perfection? And that Zara Bucket Bag!! So very Alexander Wang, and so very much perfect says my wallet.


Avene Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser, Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mark, Soap & Glory Hand Food, Snoe Hair Heroes

I'm looking for a gel cleanser, read/saw good reviews on this (most of which are in French, none of which I understood. Ehm.... I'll have you know, I took a French class in college - never mind that I dropped out of that class after a day. Hmm but hey I did learn how to ask "what's your name" ..and how to properly say "bonjour" heh) I want a Mask, and the Neutrogena Cleanser/Mask works accdg to Makeupalley - good enough for me! Hand Cream that smells like Miss Dior Cherie? Count me in! The Hair Heroes is really super good, apparently! Anything that would make my hair nice, soft & shiny is something that would always be on my list! I just miiiiiight buy the Hair Heroes the next time I go out. Let's see, let's see.. What is that shopping ban you speak of? Hmmm.

Not a very exciting list, I admit, but I'm still just too meh right now. What's on your list? :)

Oh, oh, I'm so, so excited for the movie, "The Vow"! Yay, Rachel McAdams! I can't wait for Friiiiday! What films are you looking forward to watching?



  1. If I had a wishlist, most of them would include clothes and beauty products too! --add a bit off food there too. LOL.

    I also can't wait for that movie!!! :>

  2. My wishlist is....about 100 pages long! Haha! But if I had the money it'd be for a MAC 187, NARS Matte Lipstick in Montego Bay and Lancome Teint Miracle (full size, not sample like I have right now!)
    Your wishlist is fabulous! I love the quotation marks sweater!
    S xx

  3. @Aileen: Ooh, I forgot to add in the foods that I've been lemming! Speaking off, have you tried Sophie's Mom yet? :)

  4. @Seonaid: You should definitely get the Lancome foundation! It looks really good on you! x