Blackheads. Or the lack of it. Or something.

Sorry for the very sporadic blog entries. I don't really have anything new to review. See, I've been very good at keeping my promise when I said that I am on a shopping ban this February. So far, so good! But, I'll try to find something to blog about so my blog won't rot! Here's one "filler" blog, sorry it isn't too interesting.

Purederm Nose Pore Strips; Purederm Chin & Forehead Pore Strips

It was some time early last year when I have been hearing a lot of good things about the Purederm Nose Pore Strips, so I decided to purchase a box. I have never looked back since! It's soooooo incredibly good. And cheap! It's P179 for 6 Nose Pore strips and P139 for 6 Chin & Forehead Pore Strips. Please correct me if I'm wrong. You can buy these at any drugstore: Landmark, Watsons, PCX, etc. Months ago, I saw this being sold at Forever 21, but again, correct me if I'm wrong.

This is , what I have to say, the best nose strip I've ever used. This variant smells quite strongly of Aloe, but it's not offensive. It leaves a bit of white residue afterwards, so remember to wash it off! How to use: After washing your face, leave your nose area damp, peel the strip off of the plastic, then put in on your nose. Wait for it to dry (5 mins), then remove it. I'm not going to say it's painless, because it isn't. But you do get used to it after several tries. It leaves your nose so soft, and the satisfaction that you will feel when you see the blackheads that the strip removed? So. Worth. It.

I used to use Bench ClearPore before, but it only removes 3-5 blackheads AT MOST. After using Purederm, I never looked back ;)

Prior to this, I've never actually used a chin strip before. The direction to use this is similar to the nose strip, except obviously, you put this on your chin/forehead area. I didn't really feel any pain with this one unlike the pore strip. I also didn't notice any smell.

***I did the honor of hiding my used strips so it wouldn't scare/gross you out ;) Click the image below if you want to see it.

GROSS RIGHT. Haha, but at least I can say it is very much effective.



  1. Looks awesome! I've been looking for pore strips that work to use on my nose and I found these on Amazon after reading your post :) Yay!
    S xx

  2. Hope it'll work on you, too! So glad you found it online! x