Zara End of Season Sale

I was torn between the two cardigan on the photo above. I was leaning more to the brown one, but weirdly enough, the gray one was P500 less than the brown/gold one! At least that was what's written on the tag price ;)

In the end, I bought the brown one, & surprisingly, when I got to the counter, the check out girl told me that the price's less than P500 off. Almost 70% off in the end. Super great deal! Looking at the Instagram above makes me wish that I got the gray cardigan, too! :( I'll (maybe) go back at Zara tomorrow to see if it's still there. Serendipity & all that. ;) I also got myself a nice pair of jeans. I haven't bought one since like, forever! I like how Zara jeans fit on me! Their sizing's pretty idiot proof, too!

I'm going back for their Black Peony perfume which I heard is a very good alternative for much coveted Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb!

Oh, and this reminds me, I still have an EDT of theirs to review!