Sleek Au Naturel Palette, Pixie Pink Blush & Bare Minimum Pout Polish

I won Seonaid's (thank you again! x) giveaway December of last year, but the post office was (still is) never a good place to be in come Christmas season which is why I'm only posting this just now. Oh, okay, I did get the package a week ago, but I have quite a few backlogs (most of which are still on my drafts, oops) so.. uhm, yes. Without further ado, here's what I got :)

Bare Minimum, though looks gorgeously nude in the pot, is actually not very pigmented. It almost looks like clear gloss on me. But it is a lip conditioner after all, not a lip tint. The smell kind of reminds me of those Bloom lip glosses which I love when I was younger - sweet brown sugar, honey and vanilla. I couldn't stop smelling the pot! Ahh.. yum.

Pixie Pink has always been on my "Sleek Blushes to buy" alongside with Scandalous & Pomegranate, and I'm happy to say that I wasn't disappointed by this one! It looks downright neon on the pan, but when blended, it's a very nice baby pink color. Which is exactly what I was lemming for the longest time (next on my list: an orange blush!) The formulation of the blush itself is nice - soft but not powdery, and not at all chalky. Staying power is decent, a good 3-4 hours before I notice any fading.

Now let's get on with the product I'm most excited about! The Au Naturel Palette from Sleek's Nude Collection! I've always wanted a Naked Palette myself, but I have 2 good reasons why it's not a good reason for me to splurge on it: 1.) I don't wear eyeshadow often, and 2.) It's not locally available! Having this palette (plus the Storm!) is just perfect for me. & just look at it! It has such a good mix of matte & shimmery browns, no? :)

The first 5 colors aren't at all pigmented, and are quite chalky, to be honest. Good pigmentation enough to be a brow highlight, but I wouldn't recommend using those as a lid color. As you can see on my swatches above, the last 7 colors are highly pigmented, which is safe to say, made the palette worth buying. I expect a lot of fallout for these, but hey, just sweep it off with a fan brush!

I also got a set of The Body Shop Body Butters which all smells fantastic - spicy and very much Christmas-y! :) I love Cranberry Joy the most!