The most important part of the face accdg to ME!

Eyebrows are important. Must I repeat myself? All right. Eyebrows are important. I know quite a handful of people who shrugs off eyebrow makeup without a second thought. How they think their makeup is complete without grooming their eyebrows is beyond me.

I have been using the ELF Eyebrow Kit in Light since early 2011. I haven't looked back since! It's cheap, you can find it anywhere (lest it's sold out) & it works. I even like the little dingy double sided brush it came with! It's flimsy at most, but it's usable, and it's right there. No need to buy a separate brush for this! I swear it works for me!

Pardon my battered brow kit - it has seen better days, I assure you. It's in the usual ELF plastic casing, and has a little mirror inside. While I don't think it's very ideal to have a little mirror inside the kit (seriously, couldn't they have put a bigger one?) for people who likes putting their makeup on the go, then well, this is perfect for you. The right side of the kit has the dark wax that I put on first to shape my brows, then a lighter powder to set everything in place. It doesn't budge all day. I will offer you my first unborn child if you say otherwise.

Before & After
Neatly groomed eyebrows makes a lot of difference, but neatly groomed eyebrows with brow makeup applied on it makes such a HUGE difference. It helps frame your face, and depending on how you apply it, defines your face's strong points, and basically completes your makeup. Plus it makes you look sharp! And professional! And strong! (*cue Beyonce's Run The World (Girls)*)

Nowadays, I rely on my brows & my lips to make me look ~undead. Strong brows + bold lips = me, basically for the past few weeks. I've been breaking out a lot (wait, what - is that even news to you guys?!), so I've been avoiding any face makeup - which includes: powder, blush, highlight, bronzer........ sigh.

What is one makeup you cannot leave your house without putting on? :)

Oh, oh, I received a package some days ago containing this bad boy:


ISN'T KEIKO JUST TOO ADORABLE?! They have other costumes available: Superman & Spiderman, but seeing as I'm not a fan of Superman and Spiderman's costume doesn't scream, "CUTE!" to me, I settled for the Batman one!



  1. That is the cutest dog ever! Haha!
    I also love my brow kit (although mine is a Sleek one) and it would be the one product I can't leave the house without using - brows make such a difference to your face!
    S xx

  2. Haha, the dog HATES the costume though! Reckon it's too hot for him!

    Is the Sleek any good? I've been meaning buy that as soon as this runs out! x

  3. Pards where did you buy the costume? So adorableee :)

  4. @ Oyeng: Hello pards! :)