LUSH Haul all at 50% off

LUSH sale started about a week ago, and thinking that their Christmas sets would be included in that, I went ahead and dropped by the store. Unfortunately, I was told that the boxes weren't included in the sale (:(!) I managed to get a couple of items still, though! :)

Star shaped Snowcake, Star shaped Angel's Delight

Star shaped Snowcake - Uhm.. Hi, new favorite soap ever!? This smells like HEAVEN! If you saw my review from VS Dream Angels Heavenly, you'd know how much I love anything with a sweet sugary vanilla smell! It smells like straight up Marzipan! Mmmm :}~ It's really soft though, so it melts easily & gets used up pretty fast.
Star shaped Angel's Delight - I haven't tried this one yet, but look! It has multitudes of Gold & Purple foil (?) all over it! Such a pretty looking soap! It smells really fruity, which I'm not really fond of, but it isn't too over powering.

The Godmother soap, Snow Globe soap

The Godmother soap - This isn't a part of their Christmas collection neither is it part of the sale, but I got it because apparently, it is Snow Fairy in soap form! I found Snow Fairy a lot sweeter and much more comforting to use, this one dries my skin so badly, I have to put lotion afterwards.
Snow Globe soap - Oh my, this one reminds me of car fresheners! It has a Lemongrass scent which is so strong that I find it to be so sickeningly! I guess people like it because it wakes you up in the morning due to the citrus base notes of it, but I really, really HATE this soap.

Australian Igloo Sugar Scrub, Ice Blue Soap

Inside Australian Igloo

Australian Igloo Sugar Scrub - Oh, I love this! Prior to this, I've never used any sugar scrub (I've used a salt scrub though), so I don't have any expectations. But wow, this makes my skin super soft! I think it's the Eucalyptus oil (the blue part inside) that does it, if I'm not mistaken. SUPER NICE! I actually crumbled this up, and stored it inside a used Snow Fairy 100g bottle. I've used it thrice now, and I'm not halfway through the bottle yet. I suggest doing that instead of cutting it up in fours!
Ice Blue Soap - I haven't tried this one, too. But I just love the smell of this so much! It smells very fresh, a bit minty, a bit masculine? If any of that makes sense. :p

The Jilted Elf shower jelly, Sweetie Pie shower jelly

The Jilted Elf shower jelly - Again, I haven't tried this one yet! But mmmm it smells like Vodka! (Fyi, Vodka used to be my favorite drink)
Sweetie Pie shower jelly - This isn't included in their Christmas line, but it was on sale, so I bought a jar. Look at that pretty blue/purple sparkles! It reminds me of OPI's Russian Navy (which coincidentally, I'm wearing today!) It smells a lot better in the store than when I sniffed it when I got back home! It has a super sweet blackcurrant smell, & I find that it doesn't lather that much? Which is disappointing for my first ever shower jelly. :\

I didn't get anything else because I was hoping to score some bottles of Snow Fairy. They were completely sold out, though! Shame as I would've hoarded, LUSH! Oh, well, their loss ;)

Any naughty purchases lately? :)



  1. I was hoping to snatch the Holiday gift sets too, but yeah sadly, they weren't on sale. Booh!

    Btw, I followed you via GFC. I hope you can follow me back! x

    Bec of

  2. Right? I find it so ridiculous that they didn't include that on sale :(

    Will follow you back! Been an avid reader ever since, Bec :)