Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Body Butter

I'm not very fond of body lotions/body butters/body creams, etc. Don't get me wrong, I've used some, of course. I just don't have the habit of slathering it on me on most days. It's just... too time consuming? & I feel super like, warm and uncomfortable? I can't really describe what I'm feeling towards lotions, I'm just generally very blah about it!

Now though, I'm going to talk about the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Body Butter. I'm not too sure if this is still available - I've checked the VS website, and all I can see from this line are lotions? Huh. Well, anyway.

It's a lot more runny than the body butters that I've used in the past. It goes on smoothly when applied, and you get that amazing smell (more n that later!!) which stays for quite a while. What I hate about it though is it's a bit sticky, and it's super duper GREASY! Oh, man.. After putting it on, I feel like the product is just sitting on top of my skin. Gross! It even glistens! Like, I know Victoria's Secret models has that "glow" that every girl envies, but seriously, this body butter is taking it too far! Plus, it doesn't even moisturize anything! :(

It's a shame because true to its name, the smell is so. very. heavenly. It smells like the most sinfully delicious Vanilla cupcake topped with the sweetest, most perfect Buttercream frosting you've ever tasted. Nope, not exaggerating at all! Despite all the negative things that I have to say for this product, ohGod, the smell. I really cannot stop my urge to sniff this once in a while all the time! I'm thinking of getting the mist of this one just so I can spritz in my room :3

Now, I dare you to have a sniff of this at any VS counter, and tell me you wouldn't do the same thing! Go on, go on, have a sniff ;)


Oh, I gave my header a bit of a Christmas makeover! How do you like it? :) 9 days till Christmas! :)



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