MAC Faux

I seemed to be fond of picking up shades that people don't really notice. MAC Faux isn't loud, or red, or an "in-your-face" type of lipstick. Aptly described as, muted mauve pink, Faux really is a nice warm muted pink color. Some people describes this as the "perfect nude pink," though I really can't say that as I think this one has too much pink on it to be an actual nude lipstick. At least on me?

Bare face (soft focus & all), say hello to the world!

However, I'm not too keen on the formula of the lipstick itself. I don't have any problems with most of my lipstick with this finish (except Rebel - that one is a (beautiful) NIGHTMARE!), but this one is not only quite drying, I also find myself applying layers of it to get some color. Definitely a let down. Oh, okay. I'm eating my words! It does applies very nicely, the color is opaque & it's really pigmented! Plus the staying power is pretty good! I got about 4-5 hours (with eating & drinking included)! This is probably one of my favorite MAC lipstick ever.

Next time I drop by a MAC counter, I want to go back to where I'm really comfortable - nude lipsticks! I'm thinking Myth or Peachstock? What do you think? :)



  1. This is so cute! I've never even noticed this before but it looks like it leans more pink than nude which I really like!
    I think Peachstock should be next - it's so pretty!
    S xx

  2. It really is a nice color! I wonder why I didn't noticed it before!

    I think I'll be buying Peachstock soon! I saw swatches of Myth, and it looks extremely pale for me :S