How's that for creative blog title? :p Christmas 2011 itself wasn't very fun, but Christmas Eve was! Whenever the 25th rolls around, we just attend mass with the whole family, eat out for lunch, go to our Lola's (Grandmother) house, then go home to wait for our respective Godchildren to arrive so we could give them their gifts/money! Christmas Eve's more festive as we usually go to my cousin's house at 6pm, have dinner, some games, eat again, Bingo, karaokes, eat again, wait for the clock to strike 12 then exchange gifts. :)

Anyway! As promised, here are some of my "haulidays"!

Both perfumes (Silk by Zara & Burberry Brit) smells ahhhhmazing! Reviews on these two & the lot of makeup later(can you spot my Gareth Pugh for MAC blush!!) I also got my Focco & a glitter flats! The Michael Kors pillowcase was just an impulse buy while at S&R (I have a black bedding, ha ha).

The iPhone 4s was such a nice surprise! Asdfjksl so happy I could finally retire my old phone! The camera resolution is pretty great (I used the phone for the photos you see here!), and Siri is so entertaining to talk to! Ooh, now that I have a better camera, go ahead & find me on Instagram: I'm runbarbierun! Leave your usernames below! :)

How was your Christmas? :)