Birthday/Christmas Wishlist for 2011 ♥

World peace, good health, long life, etc., etc., but for the inner materialistic in me (*coughs*), I really want:

Picture c/o Cocorosa

This pair of glitter loafers is so pretty, though glitter flats (from Suelas or Zara) would make me happy, too! Bling blings on my feet, yes please!

Picture c/o

Snow Fairy! I am currently super addicted to this stuff! I've pretty much asked for it from just about anyone else who asks me what I want for Christmas! :-) You can never have enough of this, yes yes? Got to stock up for when it flies off the shelf!

Picture c/o of Heydollface

Seriously, one can never have enough lipsticks! Diva, Please Me, Snob, Angel, Brave... Mmm.

Alexander Wang is my one of my favorite designers ever. Owning a piece of his collection is my ultimate life long goal (I'm kidding! ...maybe ;)) A black Rocco bag is definitely the first designer bag that I would splurge on if I wasn't so stingy :p But, but. A Fake Rocco (dubbed as a "Focco" by bloggers) would be nice, too. Hey, I'm not that choosy! *nudges my Momma*

I chanced upon this line when I was on Google just some weeks ago. I badly want the Winter 1972 perfume which is described as, "A field of untouched new fallen snow, hand knit woolen mittens covered with frost, a hint of frozen forest & sleeping earth." LIKE, HOW PERFECT IS THAT!? Oh, man. I cannot wait to have a whiff of it personally! It's $80 for a 100ml. Soooo. Yep, definitely not the cheapest thing on my list.

Picture c/o

I haven't had a birthday cake since I was 19 (how sad is that!?). Duuuude. I DEMAND A CAKE THIS YEAR! Gimme, gimme *grabby hands* RAINBOW CAKE FROM THE CAKE SHACK, I CAN HAS?

When in doubt: a gift card! I haven't shopped for gifts for my friends yet. Tralalalala... Shipping fee's so mad expensive, man. :(

What are on your list this Christmas? :)



  1. That rainbow cake looks SO AWESOME! :)
    S xx

  2. Oh it is! I am THISCLOSE to buying myself one (haha, how pathetic?)