MAC Rebel

Hello! I'm back! :) I finally, finally got my hands on one of my most sought after MAC lipstick shade - Rebel! I know, I said I wouldn't spend any money until the Pugh collection (I bought Strada, btw!), but I just couldn't help it! I saw this on the counter, and I just had to buy it! As you all know, I've been lemming for it for quite some time now, so I think I'm justified to splurge ;) MAC prices are getting too exorbitant, though, no? Sigh.

(Rebel is on the light-side most)

MAC Rebel is a deep fuchsia color. On the tube, it looks quite dark, but on my lips it's BRIGHT purple-pink! In other words, it's really, really super gorgeous. It's a Satin finish, so, yes, it's a bit drying. But I love it, because it doesn't slide off my lips! One con: it stains, badly. I literally have to rub and scrub and abuse my lips just to remove it! But I guess that's a pro, too! It's super long lasting, I don't even have to retouch it at the end of the day!



  1. This looks awesome. I want this! It really suits you as well. The Pugh collection isn't here yet :( But when it is I think I'll probably spend too much money.

  2. You should definitely buy this! I think it would look super nice on you!

    The Pugh collection isn't here yet, too! I had to order mine online. :(