& look how far we've come

After long months of planning (I was there when they decided on the church & the venue of the reception!), my cousin's wedding finally happened yesterday :) I thought it I would just share a few photos rather than write long, detailed paragraphs about what happened!

It was such a lovely night! My cousin (the groom) & the bride is such a gorgeous couple. I'm really happy they found each other! :) I love, love their first dance! My cousin was such an awkward dancer! HA. Plus! I really enjoyed hogging the Photobooth with my cousins, drinking from the free flowing bar (non alcoholic for me! - my stomach cannot handle alcohol & carbonated drinks! :(), & dancing the night away! :) So. much. fun!

Btw, my dress was custom made, but it was patterned to the To Be Adored SS 2010 dress that I love so, so much. Super gorgeous! I'm glad the dressmaker managed to pull it off :)

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  1. What a gorgeous wedding! You look lovely and the bride and groom look so happy and beautiful! I love weddings, so I might be getting a little overexcited :P
    S xx

  2. nice pictures, i love your dress! it looks so cute :)

    love, lola

  3. @Seonaid: Thank you! I get excited, too, when it comes to weddings! I especially love planning even the littlest details of it! :) x

    @Lola: Thank you so very much! x