Lip balms I swear by the most!

Hi!! I'm back! :) The vacation was short, but I had so much fun bonding with my family! Ooh, I have to admit, I did miss Keiko quite a lot during the 4-day trip, though! Leaving the little baby, although in good hands with my cousin, was dreadful. Anyway! I'll have a post up in a few days recounting our short vacation :) For now though, I just have to tell you my 2 of my favorite lip balms ever (both of which saved my dry, chapped lips a lot of times!)

I got 2 teeny tiny sample sized of the Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balm, and although I'm quite gutted that I don't have a full size any more, these two would have to do! This lip balm is the best among all the lip balms (& lip butters!) I've tried my whole life! The Jack Black brand is catered for Men, so as you can probably tell, it doesn't have any fancy design on the tube. It's just straight up lip balm on a tube. Period.

It glides perfectly on my lips when applied, and moisturizes 'em to boot. The consistency is quite thick, so I reckon this would work better (if that's even possible!) in a cooler climate. It would definitely save your lips from the cold, the harsh winds, etc. And can I just say how much I love, LOVE the Lemon & Chamomile variant!? It has such a wonderful, fresh scent, and it isn't too over powering. It's such an incredible product, and I would definitely hoard this if given a chance!

My second most favorite lip balm, when I'm too stingy to shell out money, I rely on good 'ol Carmex! In a tub! :) I'm sure you've all heard of this glorious product. Moisturizing? Yes! Heals chapped lips? Yes! Can be found easily? Yes! Cheap? Yes, yes, yes! What's not to love?

The only problem that I could see, is the moment you apply it on your lips, it would leave it shiny too shiny! Oh, and for some reasons, when I applied the strawberry flavored stick one night, I woke up and my lips were stinging! :( I have stuck to the original flavor from then on!

What is/are your favorite lip balm/s? :)



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