Collective haul: Forever 21, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, etc.

I'm going on a short vacation with the family, and I won't be around for 4 (5 days at most!), so I thought I'd leave you with this massive haul I seemed to have had accumulated over the past 2 weeks.

First off, the clothes!

Left to right: from Dorothy Perkins, I bought that super pretty Salmon colored eyelet dress at 70% off (!!!). I love how it fits perfectly snug on my waist, ballooning down just a bit below my knee. So very 60s. The other dress was an impulse buy from a brand called Shopaholic located at the department store of SM North Edsa. I've never shopped there before (in fact, I've never been to SM North for a long, looong time!), so I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have so many adorable dresses for sale! You can't really see the details, but the it has little swallows on the print! I just had to buy it!

Forever 21 was on sale last, last week but I wasn't able to find anything I like on their Sale racks. Plus there were so many people, it was insane! I just bought 2 basic V-necks in dark gray and in cream (I love their V-necks! Comfy, but dare I say, disposable?) & a nice Aubergine colored sweater as a last minute buy.

At Zara, I picked up a nice 3/4s shirt - which reminds me of those notebooks we used during grade school! And from Muji, I bought a refill of their Mild Shampoo and Conditioner. I've still yet to try it, though! Has anyone tried any products from their hair care line?

Leopard print doctor's bag. Love how roomy it is, but I hate how it lacks pockets! I randomly bought this nice Forever 21 black heels only to find out days later that it clashes with the dress I'm going to be wearing at my cousin's wedding! So much fail. I'm thinking of selling it, what do you think?

Random cosmetics purchases:

I totally went back to my Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser (what a mouthful!) after I broke out using the Celeteque cleanser I blogged about here. Finally bought a heat protection spray (sorry, hair), some makeup brushes, 2 lipsticks and my favorite Maybelline mascara, ever - Magnum (I swear by this forever!)

Top: MAC Viva Glam III, Bottom: Ever Bilena Off Beat Pink

Seriously hate how wonky the lighting was. MAC Viva Glam III was my Mom's originally. I told her to buy the Viva Glam II as I think it would suit her well, but she bought III instead without swatching it -_- She shrieked in horror when she saw how dark it was, so I was glad to take it off of her hands ;) It's a dark red brown color, I'm not sure if I could pull it off, but whatever.

The other one's from a local brand, Ever Bilena. It's from their matte range (I have 2 others: Skin & Mauvey. Both are super nice!) Off Beat Pink is the perfect cotton candy pink! Super pretty! & it's matte! Completely utterly matte! :x I love it!

Ahhh so there! I don't think I will be purchasing anything new till the MAC x Gareth Pugh collection hits the store! I super love the packaging! I'm already eyeing two products (Fervent & Strada!) Sigh.

Have you been naughty with your purchases lately? ;)



  1. That Ever Bilena lipstick looks gorgeous! I can't seem to find it online for the UK :( If I could I would have bought it seeing how nice it looks on you!
    I can't wait for the MAC x Gareth Pugh collection either. The packaging is so gorgeous.
    S xx

  2. Unfortunately, it's a local brand (& they don't ship internationally, I think!) :(

    It looks really sleek & pretty! I hope the quality is good, though! Seeing as how the Ms Piggy "collection" was a bit of a let down :/

  3. Yeah, I thought Glitter & Ice was gonna be awesome and while I love the lipstick I bought I wasn't too wowed by anything in particular. Hopefully the Gareth Pugh will have something WOW-worthy!
    S xx