What's in my bag? (October 2011 version)

Zara bucket bag, my Canon 50mm lens (to represent my DSLR which I really do lug with me EVERYWHERE), a reusable bag - just in case, Umbrella, Mango wallet, iPod Touch, Cath Kidston makeup kit, George R.R. Martin's Clash of Kings, A big pack of tissue, alcohol, a smaller pack of tissue, hand Sanitizer (Dancing Waters PocketBac) & my cellphone. For some reason, I just can't find my sunglasses anywhere!

(**I took this picture abut 2 weeks ago, I have accumulated yet another pack of tissue & another hand sanitizer (spritz on kind)! Paranoid?)

Inside the Cath Kidston kit (which isn't a makeup kit, not really. More like a mini emergency kit? You should have one!):

Mm.. a overnight maxi pad (you know, might as well be EXTRA prepared, y/y?), ANOTHER pack of tissue, medicine kit, sewing kit (my dress strap once snapped open in the middle of a trip to the Oceanarium, oh joy!), tons of bobby pins (& a paper clip!), 2 hair scrunchies, ELF eyebrow kit (~essential), Hawaiian Tropic lip balm which doubles up as a sunscreen (nifty!), Topshop lipstick, a sample sized Davidoff Cool Water for Men (which reminds me that I have to buy another sample sized perfume as this is the only small perfume bottle I have! But I really do love the scent! ) & a mini mouthwash.

(**I've also added a Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil & a Jack Black Intense Theraphy lip balm & a Carmex one. The Hawaiian tropic just isn't working for me as a lip balm. Will review my lip balms soon!!)

For someone who blogs about makeup (, etc.), I really don't carry much with me! :p

Do you have a "What's in my bag?" post? What's in yours? :)



  1. Hah! Your bag looks so organised compared to mine! I really should get a mini pouch to put all my make up and tidbits in.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  2. Thanks! I actually just recently purchased that kit! My bag was getting too messy! x