NOTD: Easiest Galaxy Nails EVER!

I'm sure you've seen galaxy inspired NOTD all over the blog you've been following. But, are you like me who just never had patience to put layers and layers of colored nail polishes, then have to wait ages for it to dry? Enter NYX Frizz Spots. It;s LOADED with different sizes of holographic silver glitters with a light black base. You can either wear it alone (4 layers to achieve the maximum effect!), or wear it over any dark nail polish to achieve this Galaxy-esque (~*or disco ball) effect.

Love & Beauty nail polish from Forever 21; NYX Girls Frizz Spots

I used my Love & Beauty nail polish as a base. It has no name on the bottle, unfortunately! But it's a beautiful Gunmetal Gray color with little blue sparkles (it's a VERY GOOD dupe for Chanel's Black Pearl!) I'm sure you can find a dupe of this somewhere :) Then I put a layer of the Frizz Spots on top of it, then capped it off with my favorite Fast Dry Top Coat.

Oh, so sorry for my silly cuticles! I specifically told the lady to NOT cut my cuticles, but she proceeded to do just that :(



  1. Looking good, and it seems really easy at the same time!


  2. It really is! I wish you'd find the product so that you can do it, too! x