MAC Cosmo

MAC Cosmo is a beautiful warm pink (which is almost similar to the LE MAC Warm Me UP - take note!) with an Amplified Finish. This is a perfect MLBB lipstick! It's no wonder the SA recommended it to my Mom. When I saw her wearing it, I cheekily snapped the tube from her hands and declared it mine ;)

Gorgeous color, isn't it?

While the lipstick is nice, I just think that isn't for me. The color looks pretty on me in the photo, but I swear it looks duller on me the second time I applied it on. I applied it on my Mom's lips, and it just looks so. much. prettier on her! On me, Cosmo looks brownish pink - very blah, in my opinion. On her, it looks much pinker! & it makes her look so much younger and vibrant looking!

I have no complains about Amplified finishes, but I like my lipsticks Matte (I hate, HATE shiny lipsticks!). I guess it's another reason why I dejectedly handed the tube back to my Mom. Boo.

Ever been disappointed with lipstick/s you just bought?



  1. I love the colour! I'm more of a stain girl to be honest. x hivenn

  2. Ooh, can you believe that I've never tried any lip stains before? :p What are your favorites? :)

  3. nice blog sis!:) btw, read your comment on my latest entry:) I love buying form Chickflick, Asian Vogue and Summersault for on hand shoes!:)

  4. Aisa: Oh my gosh, thank you :x for both the comment & the answer! I love, LOOOOVE your blog! x

  5. That color looks perfect on you! How have I never heard of this shade?!?! Thanks for showing it off and for making me add yet another thing to the wishlist! ;)