We just got him today! :) He's a 2 month old Shih Tzu, and he is soooo adorable!! Jacko (my husky) is being a bit difficult, though. He's so used to being the center of (my) attention, I don't think he's going to adapt quite well with the new dog.

At least I have something to keep my mind off of things since I still don't have my Macbook back! It's been 16 days, Apple, whyyy :(



  1. How cute! Hope to see him in more posts! x

  2. He is so cute!

    My boyfriend has recently just got a Shih Tzu just like yours! He is a little terror though, he is called Wilson but I wanted him to be called Nelson :(

    You have a great blog!

    Jazz xo

  3. @Jazz: Mine is quite feisty, too! :( Nelson sounds like a great name! Thank you for visiting!

    @Jazzy: Thank you! x