Sleek Storm Palette

When I woke up, I had a package waiting for me! We don't have Sleek in my country, so I had to 'pre-order' it from Starmaine Shop. After a loooooong month (shipping was delayed, most unfortunately), my Storm palette finally arrived. Finally. FINALLY! :) I know, I know this had been reviewed by so many bloggers already, but pardon me, I'm really just excited that I now have it on hand. :)

Anyway, I love how all 12 of the shadows compliment each other! Seriously, for a supposedly neutral palette, you can do A LOT of looks using this palette. It's amazing for the price (£6.49/$10) Imagine getting 12 eye shadows for that price when one MAC single pot eye shadow would cost you P900 (£11.50/$14.50)? Yes, I am a cheapskate when it comes to eye shadows (and then some....), what of it? ;)

Starmaine Shop sells it for P695, and I literally scoffed when I saw a couple of sellers on Ebay & Multiply selling it for a much higher price. Come on, now..

(Swatches from left-right)

The shadows were all so buttery soft, and so, so intensely pigmented. Most bloggers say that the matte brown is quite a let down among the bunch because it's can be quite chalky - I don't agree with that, though. True, it's not the most pigmented brown around, but it's buildable! I find myself reaching for the 1st, 3rd, the shimmery brown and the matte brown for my everyday eye makeup. All the colors are super gorgeous! I saw the Graphite palette on a blog sale yesterday, and I'll probably buy it if the shadows are as equally nice as these are!

What's your favorite eyeshadow palette? :)

P.S. My AppleCare is ending next week, so I sent it to the Apple store for a major overhaul (checkup!) I'm not going to have my Macbook with me for 10 days, so I might not update so often till I get it back. :(



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