Rimmel Lasting Finish 16 Hour Foundation

It's no secret that I get breakouts every now and then (I do talk about it often!), so I was on a hunt for a nice (& cheap!) foundation for every day use. I ventured on to Ebay to search for US drugstore foundations, and settled on the Rimmel Lasting Finish 16hr Foundation (P150!).

I got the shade 300 SAND, which is a tad too orange on me, but the foundation is so light, it blends well anyway. The foundation is quite watery, but it's PERFECT since it won't clog my pores. I made the mistake of squeezing the tube when I first used it - DO NOT DO THAT! You'll have TOO MUCH! Hold the tube vertically, and let it drip on its own.

I wore this 2 days ago while I was out with my Mom. I spent 3 hours lining up under the sun (!!), then spent another 2 hours shopping, and elbowing other people out of the way. Sales are so stressful :/ But, I'm proud to say that the foundation stayed intact. No patches at all, and it didn't oxidized!

Before & After - with just the foundation on

Yes, you can still see some of my blemishes, but that's what concealers are for! It evens out my skin tone, and did a great job covering my acne scars & the redness all over my face. It dries semi-matte (one thing I don't like about it since I like my face a bit dewy). I still don't know if this would break me out, since I just started using it, but cross fingers that it won't!

I'm not 100% sure, but I think (sadly), this has been discontinued, and was replaced by the 25 hour Lasting Finish variant. Nonetheless, I still have an extra tube of this, and for the first time ever, I'm pretty proud of my hoarding skill ;)

What's your go-to foundation?



  1. You're beautiful! The foundation does a wonderful job and still looks natural! xoxo

  2. *Wow, major fan girl moment!* I love your blog! :) Thank you so much! x

  3. The foundations looks amazing!

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