Old favorites.

Forever 21 Eyelet dress
Maybelline Magnum Super Film Mascara
Maybelline Gel Liner in Black
MAC Bi-Tone blush
Revlon Pink Pout

(Sorry for the quality of photos, ack.) I bought this dress about a year ago when Forever 21 first opened here, and it's still my favorite dress ever. I love how dainty & sweet it looks on! I paired it with my brown moccasin/loafers which you can see here. & my float necklace, which I will be doing a post on! It merits a post of its own because it's the loveliest necklace I own! :)

I've only used my MAC Bi-Tone once because I feel like the color is wrong for me. I actually considered selling it, but I tried it today, and I. fell. in. love. with. it. Maybe because my skin got a shade (or 2) lighter? I don't really know, but I'm glad I didn't sell it. Decided to use an old favorite, Revlon Pink Pout, which is a pretty shade of bubblegum pink.

On the other hand, my favorite US series are back this week!! Two back to back episodes for both How I Met Your Mother & Modern Family! Fringe tomorrow! Supernatural on Friday! Yay, TV!

What are your favorite shows? :)



  1. Thanks! I love Friends! One of my favorite shows, too! x

  2. Prett dress - you look fab :).

    Helen, x