MAC Prince Noir Dupe

A couple of weeks back, MAC released their big collection called, "MAC Me Over," and included in the collection is MAC Prince Noir which is a very gorgeous deep burgundy color with red undertone. I wasn't too interested in anything else (except Rebel which I'm still lemming for!!) but unfortunately for us here, delivery was delayed, so we still have to wait a week before the official launch. Yesterday, I found myself in front of a Wet n Wild counter, and after swatching a few of their Mega Last Lip Color, I found ~the one.

Okay actually, two. I bought two. Smokin' Hot Pink which is.. well, hot pink. Not really too fond of it. & Cherrybomb which is a beautiful dark red lipstick so similar to Prince Noir! Prince Noir is just a tad bit more purple than Cherrybomb.


Smokin' Hot Pink, Cherrybomb

I've been getting hits from "Prince Noir Dupe" searches on Google, so I thought I'd do this. I hope this helps! :)



  1. that cherry bomb is lush! I have been looking for the perfect berry colour for so long and i think that this may just be it. Thanks.

    Helen, x

  2. @Dolly: No problem! x

    @Helen: Vamp It Up from the same line is a nice (dark, DARK) berry color, too! :)

  3. Ohh these are really pretty, i might have to see if i can get my hands on them! :) xx